• Contributing to the upliftment of the community by supporting select NGOs such as Vidya foundation.
  • Identify the strengths of our employees and creating channels for their comprehensive development.


Establishing strong partnerships with environment conscious businesses.


  • Customer Centric.
  • Complying with governing regulations and legalities in area of real estate and company administration.


You can help a child break free from the clutches of poverty and gift the child a future full of hope through supporting the child’s education.

VIDYA’s focus this year is on a group of government Anganwadis* in the Koramangala slum area.

Journey of Vidya

Growing up in a church environment, I was made aware of the needs of the people around me from a very young age. Children’s needs quickly catch my attention even today and over the years I have been actively involved in raising funds to support children at various children’s homes.

Recently I became aware of the struggles of families around me. The primary desire of parents is to provide a good education and decent lifestyle for their children and thus they work hard to make that happen. I am a strong believer in the power of education for the betterment of an individual and in turn the society. As a parent, I understand the ever-increasing expenses of education in our city. I found myself restricted in my financial standing and unable to extend substantial support to such families, therefore, I reached out to my friends’ circle. Many drops make an ocean and through generous contributions I have been able to channel financial support to families in need. The circle continues to grow and you are part of it now! – Susan Timothy.

VIDYA focus points of this year...

Organizing sports activities for children.

Holding awareness programs.

Medical camps for children and parents.

Nutrition for children by supplying fruits and milk.

Meet Our Families Supported By VIDYA

There are many more families around us who require a helping hand to be able to educate their children to empower them for a good future. Let’s join hands and make those dreams come true.

You are welcome to nominate a family that you feel deserves financial support towards educating their child/children. The only criteria is that at least one parent should be working and have the desire to educate their child/children. No bias on age, gender, religion, etc.