Carpentary Services in Bangalore

How Much Should You Expect To Pay For Carpentry Services In Bangalore?

Carpentry Service in Bangalore would depend on the type of work that you want to get done on your property. From repair to making new furniture, everything comes under carpentry service. Talking about the General Carpentry Work, the segment would include:

Wooden partition

Making a bed, sofa or chair

Mesh and so on

In all, the carpentry work is divided into two broad categories of making a new furniture and repair & fixing. The best way to find out a good carpentry service in Bangalore is to look for it online. There are so options available online wherein you can search for the best carpenters in your area. Before hiring the carpenter, make sure that you read the reviews on good websites.

Also, most of the websites would ask you the time duration for which you want to hire the carpenter and accordingly quote would be sent. Also, you would need to specify the nature of work that you want to get done so that the websites can match the carpenters with the required services better.

Here is the price range for tasks done by the Carpenter in Bangalore (approx.)

For wardrobe – 180 to 200

Loft – 130 to 180

Kitchen – 225 to 250

Paneling – 50 to 80

Raptor or Ledge – 130 to 160

However, there are some service providers who offer quite expensive services such as for minor repairs, they charge somewhere around 299/hour and additional Rs 99 for every 30 minutes after. They would not provide you the quote for the major carpentry work such as Installation, Bed, Mesh and so on.

If you are looking to hire someone for making kitchen cabinet, wardrobe or drawers in Bangalore, be ready to shell out somewhere around 250-350/sft for box type and for normal wooden work, the rate would be between 170- 200 sft.

In Bangalore, generally, you would get three options to book the services of a carpenter.

Booking on the Daily basis – Experience carpenter would charge anything between 600 to 1000 on daily basis.

On Contract – If you have opted to give the contract to the carpenter, he might charge you around 300-400 per sft.

Furniture Carpenter – They would charge somewhere in the range of 350-450 INR per Sft.

Charges also depend on several other factors such as quality of workmanship. It is obvious that if the team is more efficient then they are going to charge you more compared to other carpenters in the city. Secondly, the location of the site also matters a lot because carpenters would charge more for elite areas of the city and the remote areas. The material used would also play important role in deferring the charges.