Electrical Services in Bangalore

Today we just can’t think a life without electric even for just 10 Min. Because our life, schedule, plans etc. may become standstill without having electric or if an untimely glitch of an appropriate electrical appliance.

Now, it’s quite common to have minor to a major fault in our electrical appliances; so we need to ‘fix’ it.  Electric or in other words an electrical equipment is potentially very dangerous with a major or minor fault. It’s if you don’t know the complex system electrical appliance so always hire or take the help of electrical services expert for replacing a socket, rewire your house and other area or any other electrical work.

So we have to check with a professional electrician. Also searching a professional electrical service could have been very difficult and may not fit with your busy schedule. Bangalore often called as ‘The silicon valley of India’ seems always very busy with its professional life and aspiring business and at the end of the day with happening nightlife. At the same time leaving a faulty electrical line or appliances or circuit is vulnerable if remain unattended.

Online searching is the easiest way to pick up a professional electrician who should fix your problem. There are so many options in your search engine. However before hire a competent electrician you should consider these key points. A quick phone call should give you a clear idea.

  • Whether a licensed electrician approved by State government or by the key electric supplier

  • Verify how long they have been in the business. Normally, the longer time they have been in business in better.

  • If having prior experience with your faulty appliances

  • Get an overview of fees etc.

  • Check customer review and other observation on the website before hiring

Remember for TV, air condition, Fridge, Washing machine it’s always a good idea to check with your manufacturer for post-sales service.

This is the price range for common electrical service (approx.) should give you a better idea, please note it does not include any cost towards faulty parts.

  • Meter & Fuses – 150-300/-

  • Fan – Installation & Repair It covers all types of fan ceiling fan, exhaust fan, wall fan 120-400/-

  • Lights Standard light panel or Tube Light 150-300/-

  • Designer Light or Fancy Light or Chandelier – It depends on the complexity or build quality light mount etc. 400-1000/-

  • Other lights – Security lights or Solar lights festival light installation or removal depends upon several factors varies with outside position or how easily accessible etc, starts from 600/- onwards

  • TV – LED, LCD including wall mount movement 200-900/-

  • Geysers – Installation, Cleaning & Move. Price varies with capacity 200-900/-

  • Since few tasks require a prior inspection to understand the complexity and other support material electrician may ask for an inspection first with a fees

  • Wiring – Component changes or additional wiring- Component replace like Switch or extension point 150-400/-. However additional line depends on several factors like type of wiring and how long it is 3-5 meter wiring may cost between 700-1500/-
  • Inverter – Installation & Service – 300-700/-

  • AC – Varies between 300-4000/-.

Some electrical services specialize in certain kind of works. It will be good, according to your job if you call a specific area expert. Generally, the services provide high-quality customer service, healthy and safe environment to keep their band’s values.