Flats for rent in Bangalore

Bangalore or Bengaluru is the capital of Karnataka in India.  Bangalore is one of the progressive and blooming city in India. It is a megacity and India’s third most popular city. Over 10 million people lived here. The city is famous for India’s high tech industry, its park, and nightlife.

Sometimes it’s called as “The silicon valley of India” because it is the main place of nation’s leading Information technology specialist. Some top leading multinational company’s headquarters are situated in this place like Infosys, Wipro, HAL, ISRO etc. All leading global companies have their branches in Bangalore like Amazon, Apple, Google, Symantec Airbus etc. Apart from this, it is the home of many educational and fundamental research institution. Also, there are many tourist attraction and many world famous hospital. So most of the people who have to stay in Bangalore for a short period of time like the student, people coming for treatment and workers have to stay in a rented flat.

This city is very famous for its gentle driving culture compared to other cities in India.

Key things to consider before a rent,


Monthly Rent

Is that area is safe

How close are local amenities, Hospital or School or airport?

Detail information about the agreement.

Flats rent depends on the location of the flat

According to the recent study, the flats rent are cheap in northern parts of Bangalore. But in the southern and central area are costly.

Whitefield is the best place to live in east Bangalore because it is one of the largest technology clusters having multiple IT park. Cost of a living bit higher in this area. Banaswadi, Brookfield is the good place to find the rental flat in your budget and also near to your workplace. Indira Nagar is another place to live as it is connected to the all commercial area of Bangalore and major IT parks. Some other best places to live in Bangalore are Marathahalli, Malleswaram, Koramangala, Hebbal, Jayanagar, Ulsoor, Basavanagudi etc.

Size and condition of the flat

The rent of 3BHK flat in a popular area is varied 30,000-50,000-/ (approx.)

The rent of 2BHK flat is 20,000-40,000-/ (approx.)

The rent of 1BHK flat is 5000-20,000-/ (approx.)

Depending upon the condition like new, old flat rents differ. Also, it depends what the flat is furnished or unfurnished or semi furnished.

Generally, there is two type of agreement for a rented flat like short term and long term. Short term is for 6 months only and long-term is 1 to several years. The agreements come with a security deposit. This amount may differ flat to flat depend on the landlords. Normally it varies between 1 to 10 months of rent of the flat is refundable; deposit will get back to you when you will leave the flat or at the end of the agreement.

Nowadays the best way to find a flat for rent in Bangalore is to look for it online. There are many options are available online. Most of the website would be asked you in which area in Bangalore are you looking for a flat and what is your budget then you need to put choice. Also, you would need to set your preference like what type of flat you will need furnished or unfurnished. After putting down this details website can match the perfect flat for you. Before finalizing a flat, make sure you read the review about the websites.