Semi Furnished Flats in Bangalore

Apartments for rent in Bangalore can be categorized as :

  • Bare
  • Unfurnished
  • Semi-furnished
  • Fully furnished

So let us first discover what these terms actually mean.

A bare apartment is a place where there is really nothing in it. The flat will be not at all furnished i.e it does not even have any tiles or electrical strings. Moreover, the kitchen and bathrooms are also at the concrete stage.

An unfurnished apartment is the most common type that a developer usually delivers to the buyer. It consists of covered floorings, painted walls and ceiling, fitted cabinets and sink, bathroom fixtures and internal doors etc.

When an apartment is considered as fully furnished, this means that it consists of all the useful things and stuff that are necessary for living. The customer does not have to buy anything other than the apartment.

A semi- furnished flat is a stage between an unfurnished and a fully-furnished apartment. There is no general rule for it as it is the choice of the owner that what he wants to add by himself to the place before selling it to you.

In Bangalore, a semi- furnished apartment would consist of the following things:

  • Air- conditioning units are already installed
  • There is a water heater in the bathroom/s
  • Some of the appliances like washing machine, oven, stove etc.
  • Furnitures such as beds, couch, and others
  • Curtains
  • TV

While these things are not necessary to be there when closing the rental deal, it completely depends on the owner what things he wants to provide to his tenants.

You can find these rental services online where you can even choose your place by searching through the internet and looking at the pictures of the houses uploaded by the owners. These tenant management companies help you find out a perfect place to stay. These companies as you for some amount as deposit and also a certain amount is negotiable too.

Moreover, you can get homes for 1 bhk, 2 bhk, 3bhk and so on depending on your choice. Also,  by mentioning a specific locality where you want a house, the website shows you all the available houses for rent.

The Budget for a house on rent in Bangalore

The deposit amount for each semi-furnished home depends on the area it covers in square feet and the things and stuff the owner provides with it. Let’s say for a 1 bhk home built on 600 sq. ft area will have a deposit amount of around Rs. 50,000. Whereas a 3 bhk flat built up under 1600 sq. ft area will ask for a deposit amount of Rs. 2,00,000. Also, the deposit and rental price for apartments sometimes depend on the locality where it is located as some areas in the city are costly while some are budget friendly.

These websites maintain a huge database containing the details of all the registered homes for rent as well as the details of their owners which makes it easier for tenants to find their perfect home.